Avatar for Bethany Anzalone

I am about to receive my BFA in Graphic Design. I interned with ThreatTec during the summer of 2019 and currently work at Ten56. I am always up for an adventure especially traveling and exploring new places. Experiencing new cultures has allowed me to expand my way of thinking and has also allowed me to grow empathetically. Connecting with, and really understanding my client is a big part of my design process. Aside from designing you can find me in the kitchen baking/cooking to my hearts content. Running/working out or going on a nice hike are the best ways to clear my head. I like the challenge that design brings. Finding new creative ways to make a recipe intrigues me or pushing myself to run another mile. This overlaps into my design process. I love to find new approaches to design and revise my work until it’s exactly to the taste of my clients.