Avatar for Lauren Deitzer

My name is Lauren and I am currently a Graphic Design student at Miami University. I have a passion for design and communication as well as helping others see life in a new way. Good design is powerful. It can change hearts and inspire minds. If I get the chance to touch someone’s life through my work, I will take it. I am deeply inspired by movement and change. I believe I am constantly growing and understanding the world in a new way every day. I am captivated by the human heart and how it has the capability to be vulnerable and gentle, but also powerful and strong. Every day that I get the privilege to design something, I consider what it really means to a viewer. I am faced with taking a complex vision and delivering it to an audience in a clear, but unique way that captures attention. I have been fortunate enough to travel and study overseas, which has given me a wider perspective both as a designer and an empathetic person. I have brought these new outlooks into my work and have drawn inspiration from the different lifestyles I have seen and experienced. I am determined to learn more, get fresh perspectives, and draw value from others and their experiences.