Hats from Scratch

April 23, 2021


To start this project, I randomly generated a persona of an 8 year-old boy in Madison, Wisconsin in the year 1991. He lived in a lower class family, valued locally owned businesses, and was an only child. Most importantly, he had an interest in hats. I was tasked to create a physical product that would cater to his love for hats, while also keeping all his other characteristics in mind.


Knowing that my persona was in a lower class family, I figured he would not have much money to spend on hats, thus limiting the extent that he could indulge in his interest. To counteract this, I came up with the idea of a hat making tool kit that would be set to last someone a long while and come with a book that would discuss ways in which the reader could use second hand/found materials to create professional looking hats. Once I had a style board and a rough idea of the final product in mind, I was able to start designing.


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