High fashion Sewing Machine

April 21, 2021


My persona is Isaiah, a 9-year-old African American boy living in Dubois Wyoming who identifies as non-binary and has an interest in high fashion, One thought I had after group sessions was a way he could express himself through clothing and fashion is by making it so he is able to access materials and ways to sew. Sewing is something sustainable and skill will prove useful for years to come. 

Process Work

Style Board

I first created a Style board drawing upon pop culture figures who represented androgyny and androgynous 70’s styles such as David Bowie and Prince. The colors I chose reflected some of the elements that Isiah might have seen in the rural town of Dubois, I drew further inspiration from Napoleon Dynamite because they are in rural towns that seem to have a similar feel.

My process consisted of loose gestural sketches that replicated the high fashion aesthetic, though ultimately this was not utilized in the capacity that I had hoped it to be. I think doing this helped guide me by seeing what composes an outfit and the things I needed to consider for a fashion booklet. I did research online about the fashion of the ’70s and drew inspiration from catalog magazines of the time. In implementing the style I brainstormed various deliverables that might help Isaiah.

Final Design

Due to constraints I chose to mockup the design digitally. I created sewing machine packaging that comes with a supply kit that stores needles and thread, as well as a booklet that has patterns available for

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Etiyene Eshett

Hometown: Gahanna
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