From a randomized generator I was assigned my own persona to create a design specifically around them. I ended up with a 9 year old boy from Texas who loves to cosplay, has a loud and energetic personality, and lives in the early 90’s. To help cater to his love of cosplay and his personality, I decided a good thing to design for him would be a subscription system for him to receive new cosplay items and merchandise monthly.

Sketches and Research

I really wanted to combine American 90s pop as well as Japanese city pop in the packaging for a loud playful aesthetic that would reflect my persona’s taste and personality. I made sure early on to include some kind of face/mascot for the brand and did research on 90’s anime art styles and tried to mimic the style in my sketches through the elongated figures and large cartoon eyes.

Iteration 1

In my first iteration I focused heavily on deciding on colors, style, patterns, what the inside of the box would look like, and seeing how my sketches of my mascot would interact with the final box.

Iteration 2

In the second iteration the top side of the box’s design is finished, the mascot’s design is fully expanded upon and the digital art of them is placed in for the sketches. In this critique it was decided to make adjustments to the inside of the box to make it flow better by removing some of the text and changing the style of the arrows. 

Final Digital Iteration

Subscription Box Mockup

Magazine Ad Digital and Mockup