People Driven Design

April 12, 2021
Isabella Brandstatter

Project Brief

For this project we created a non-screen-based outcome to serve the needs of a people group, driven by an activity-centered approach to design.


Henry Smith is a 21 year old male living in Sedona, Arizona in 1925. He is interested in cocktails, likes to feel special, and enjoys telling stories.

My Design Solution

For my design solution I designed a speakeasy along with some of the items you may find in the speakeasy. Since my persona is interested in cocktails and lives in the 1920s when prohibition was at its peak a speakeasy made the most sense because finding places to buy alcohol at this time was very difficult. Through my research I discovered that Sedona has a huge movie scene and that they had movie theaters that were called movie palaces. So I decided to create a speakeasy hidden inside one of the movie palaces and the way to get into the secret bar is with a movie ticket that has one of the numbers upside down on the right side of the ticket. I also designed a stool, a cocktail menu, and a layout of the bar. This meets my persona‚Äôs needs because it gives him the opportunity to go and enjoy cocktails in a fun environment that will make him feel special. 

Final Designs

This was my design for the bar in the speakeasy. I wanted it to have the feel of a traditional bar with some movie theater touches.
To keep the speakeasy secret I designed a ticket that has one upside down 9 on the right side of the ticket. This is the identifying number to get you into the speakeasy.
This is the cocktail menu that I designed. I decided to go with red, gold, and black to have the sophisticated speakeasy feel with some movie theater inspiration.

Isabella Brandstatter

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio
Graduation Year: 2022
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