Featuring: The Class of 2023

BFA Slay

Communication Design, as defined by the class of 2023, is a creative process of visual engagement to solve problems, build connections, and create understanding between diverse groups of people. From developing visual identities for new brands, to crafting engaging experiences that imagine what the world could be, these capstone projects showcase the unique practices of the communication designers in the Class of 2023 at Miami University. As you explore the projects on this page, you will be able to see the ways in which our students have applied their philosophies, skills, and knowledge to a wide range of real-world challenges.

Animal Tracks | Jason Bankemper

There is Hope For Sure | Brooke Begley

Simply | Shea Eads

Lemons’ Quilts | Shea Frawley

Enneagram Awareness Workshop | Brandon Corbell

Farm to Fridge | Samantha Freeland

Calm Your Craze | Grace Hall

Digi-Chores | Anna Hofferberth

Good Thinking | Katie McNamara

The Stray Cat Dilemma | Soren Melbye

Bloom | Dyl Pence

Her Voice | Tuuli Pirinen

Shades of You | Emma Robinson

Craftu | Klaire Vandegrift

Everyday A Woman | Bella Wallace

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