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You & Your Boobs

May 8, 2020
Brittany Meister

The Problem

Women have nowhere to turn when looking for encouragement related specifically to breast insecurities.

“In what ways can women ages 18-22 who are currently experiencing insecurities about their breasts become comfortable with this area of their body?”

Success Statement

My target audience now has a movement they can turn to that focuses specifically on breast comfortability and diversity rather than the many campaigns that already exist that focus on the entire body.

Target Audience

Women who identify as female with breasts, ages 18-22. I decided to focus my research on women ages 18-22 because of the easy access I have to this age group being a college female myself, and being able to relate to the subject matter.


For my research methods I conducted secondary research based on my findings from my primary research. This consisted of an online survey, holding a focus group, and conducting several one on one interviews. 

According to my survey results, out of 120 people surveyed who identify as a female with breasts, almost 96% say they have experienced insecurities about their breasts.

To receive open ended answers from my survey participants, focus group and interviewees, i asked the question, “has anything ever made you feel more comfortable about your breasts?”

A significant portion of women said they feel empowered by body positive campaigns such as Aerie Real, a campaign that features models with various sizes, shapes, and skin colors, along with showing their beauty marks and tattoos.

Design Process + Testing

This background knowledge and research led me to my solution of creating a movement called “You & Your Boobs.”  The You & Your Boobs movement believes that every young woman should experience comfort with the bosom she was gifted, and explore verbiage other than physical attributes when describing her breasts.

You & Your Boobs is an online movement using Instagram to share stories of women who are seeking and acquiring self-acceptance in regards to their breasts to inspire others to do the same.

Women featured on the Instagram page are contributors to “You & Your Boobs”. Any female can contribute by taking a picture of themselves covering their breasts with objects that represent them or hold meaning in their  life. This proves that your breasts do not define you, but speak to your overall narrative as a woman.

The process of taking this type of photo is to get women comfortable with their own bodies, and see their breasts with a different lens. Some of the words and phrases that women used to describe this experience are “awkward at first, then fun,” “challenging,” and “eye opening.”

In the early stages of developing You & Your Boobs, I realized that this was an area of real sensitivity and struggle for many women. Lots of women were curious about the movement and wanted to participate, but were uncomfortable with their face being shown for reasons such as being recognized or it jeopardizing their chance of landing a job if an employer were to see the image. 

Design Solution

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