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Mobile Mushroom

May 4, 2021

The Problem

Not many are aware of uncommon varieties of edible mushroom species and with the recent advent of caring for yourself with supplements like probiotics, vitamins, and eating “super-foods” like kale Mushroom varieties like Lion’s Mane and Reishi may be an untapped resource for their purported health benefits. These mushrooms also are able to be cultivated relatively quickly through the use of mushroom growing kits.

What strategies can help educate adults 18-30 about the benefits of using different types of mushrooms and how they can access them?

Success Statement

By providing access to edible mushrooms to people age 18 to 30 they will have a variety of dishes to choose from. This will benefit not just them but help educate people on varieties of mushrooms and change public opinion on these mushrooms as a staple part of people’s diets.

Target Audience

My target audience is focused on adults aged 18-30, who preferably lives in Ohio. This age range may be more willing to use different foods than they are used to since they are most likely on their own for the first time and have to buy food and cook meals for themselves or others.



Results that were gathered from 45 participants and allowed me to tailor an approach to meet areas participants had felt unsure about regarding mushrooms.

Questions ranged from participants’ knowledge about mushrooms to how people accessed them via grocery stores, farmers’ markets, or foraging.

Secondary research was to gain facts about mushrooms Through research I was able to find the different species of mushrooms and s people grow them through the use of mushroom growing kits.

Videos looking at cultivation helped me see what options there were for growing kits and other people’s views on what makes mushrooms special to them.

Books about the science of mushrooms “Entangled Journey by Merlin Sheldrake” held more that mushrooms culinary ability, but also use in science and uncovering secrets about the ways species of mushrooms hold unusual skills.

Design Process + Testing

My Design Process consisted of loose sketches and idea implementations, of which many were not implemented into the final design. Things written include ideating survey questions, storyboarding slides.

Design Solution

Mobile Mushroom offers growing kits to purchase, as well as demos for people to ask questions, and a way to taste each of the mushrooms incorporated into a dish! A brochure is included with recipes and facts about different species of mushrooms.

Etiyene Eshett

Hometown: Gahanna
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