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WFH – Work From Home

May 5, 2021
Grace Bihl
wofrho ad with a speech bubble that reads: take a break, make your space work for you

The Problem

People don’t feel good about their workspace when working from home and it can effect the way they work and how they feel about their jobs.

How can young adults in the beginning of their careers creatively maximize the quality of their at home workspaces so that they can reach their goals in their work?

Success Statement

Through a curated online marketplace experience, the target audience is able to put time into themselves to maximize their workspace so that they feel better about their time at work.

Target Audience

The target audience is young adults in the beginnings of their careers who work from home.


Through phases of research I was able to learn that in order to make a space work for someone, it matters less of achieving a preferred style or atheistic, but instead making the space fit its need.

From there I was able to connect with the target audience through eight in depth interviews regarding their experience with their space pertaining to work from home. Here I was able to pull six key elements they talked about lacking in there at home office.


Design Process + Testing

In order to improve their space without having to understand principles of design and do major reflecting on how to fix their space, I created a solution that does it for the user. The online marketplace, WoFrHo, curates items in disguised categories to help improve at home office spaces.

To test this solution, I had users in the target audience interact with my website and then fill out a form reviewing it. The questions asked can be found here. The test group gave the following feedback:


How easy was it to navigate the site? 9/10
How likely would you be to visit this site? 10/10
How likely are you to make purchases from the site? 8/10

Design Solution

View WoFrHo here.

Grace Bihl

Hometown: Mansfield
Graduation Year: 2021
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