Thesis Project

Autism and Aichmophobia

The Problem

An all-in-one tool of sharp objects.

There is a growing problem with those who suffer Autism and Aichmophobia and a lack of proper warning to those who need to be reminded of being in the presence of sharp objects.

“How Can I help those with sensory issues like Autism or Aichmophobia
sufferers overcome their fear of sharp objects?”

Success Statement

“My last student I recall that has Autism was always nervous around scissors and I would help them feel comfortable by modifying the scissors to be round-ended to make them feel less intimidated and more welcome.”

Target Audience

Teachers/Parents/Guardians of children with Autism and Aichmophobia.


Rituals of an autistic individual.

Dealing with Sensory Issues.

What sharp objects set off who.

Design Process + Testing

To understand the process, I interviewed key individuals who have experienced events that would help fill the void of communicating fears. I collected their recommendations of how to deal with sharp objects.

Design Solution

An answer to all Problems.

As a solution, I created a Poster for areas that contain sharp objects such as kitchens, barbershops and workshops. To make interactivity possible with the poster, there will be a complimentary booklet that will be used by adults with children to communicate the situation. It would contain key phrase

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